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Introducing Stickers

Introducing stickers for iMessage


Introducing stickers for iMessage


With iOS 10, you can purchase stickers in the new App Store for iMessage. This provides a whole new way for people to communicate and for artists to sell their work. There are three types of sticker packs available, but endless ways to use them.


Basic Stickers

Good old fashioned stickers you can send in a conversation, adjust their size, or place on top of message bubbles, other stickers, and even photos.

Animated Stickers

These aren't your grandma's stickers. Animated stickers enable you to express yourself in even more elaborate ways by using simple, looping GIFs.

Interactive Stickers

Take your sticker game to the next level by making sticker concoctions together with friends. You can even build and save your own sticker combinations!


Sell your stickers

Illustickers is a worldwide collective of artists creating the finest stickers in the App Store for iMessage. We help you get your stickers on the App Store so they can be discovered and enjoyed by all.