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illustickers Handbook


We're here to help you get your work on the App Store for iMessage. Get inspiration for sticker pack ideas, find helpful guidelines for artwork requirements, and learn what it takes to start selling with illustickers.


Get to know the basics

With iOS 10, you can purchase stickers in the new App Store for iMessage. This provides a whole new way for people to communicate and for artists to sell their work. There are three types of sticker packs available, but endless ways to use them.

Basic Stickers

Good old fashioned stickers you can send in a conversation, adjust their size, or place on top of message bubbles, other stickers, and even photos.

Animated Stickers

These aren't your grandma's stickers. Animated stickers enable you to express yourself in even more elaborate ways by using simple, looping GIFs.

Interactive Stickers

Take your sticker game to the next level by making sticker concoctions together with friends. You can even build and save your own sticker combinations!

Start with an idea

Our favorite thing about working with artists from around the world is the vibrant ideas you bring to the table. Below you'll find some general principles to help shape your idea so that it's clear to people and acceptable on the iMessage platform.

  • Be different. Think about why a person would choose your sticker pack over basic emoji. What unique message does your sticker pack help people express?
  • Stay focused. The style and content of your stickers should be related to one another. Could someone clearly tell their friend about your sticker pack?
  • Choose a category. Provide a cohesive set of stickers that can be used in the context of a conversation. Maybe it's food, places, humor, exclamations, etc. 
  • Create cool content. Include compelling imagery, words, or phrases to make stickers that are fun for people to use.
  • Be you. Don't be afraid to embrace your personal illustration style, quirkiness, and strange ideas. Your unique stickers will help people express their nuanced emotions.
  • Choose quality. People expect a lot from their iPhones. Finely crafted stickers will impress people and ensure illustickers selects your work for the lineup.
  • Avoid objectionable content. Sticker packs should not include content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste. Learn more on the App Store Review Guidelines

Choose a sticker size

iMessage supports a range of sticker sizes in a few basic file formats. Stickers can be displayed at three different sizes in the sticker browser. Keep in mind the sticker browser size does not dictate the size of the actual sticker.

  • Stickers must be a PNG, APNG, GIF, or JPEG file.
  • Each sticker must be less than 500 KB.
  • Stickers should be between 300 × 300 pixels and 618 × 618 pixels.

Prepare for the App Store

If your work is selected for the illustickers lineup we'll work closely with you to create an app icon, App Store screenshots and video, a description of your stickers, and gather your relevant bio information for your artist page on

Ready to get started?

Whether you've got half-baked sketches or detailed artwork ready to go, we'll help you hone in on the best idea for a sticker pack.

Still got questions?

Check out our support page to answer any questions you may still have. Feel free to get in touch if you don't find what you're looking for.