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Working with illustickers

You’re a great illustrator, we do app stuff, let’s combine our powers to sell some stickers! There are three simple ways of working with illustickers.

  • Paid stickers: We take care of distributing your sticker pack, and you receive 70% of the proceeds when your sticker pack sells. 
  • Free stickers: If you want to sell your sticker pack for free we charge a flat rate of $1,000 to help you get your sticker pack in the App Store.
  • Independent stickers: If you want to sell your sticker pack under your own name we charge a flat rate of $2,000.

Getting paid

Every month we provide insights into how your stickers are performing in the App Store and you receive the subsequent funds. We retain 30% of the purchase price to justify our investment of time to help you refine your ideas, create assets, and distribute your app. Additionally we pay to be a part of the Apple Developer program, upkeep, and pay to market your sticker pack to the world! In return, you have a smooth, simple way to get your work in the App Store so you can stay focused on your craft.


Illustickers is a small, tight-nit community of top-notch artists. We love being introduced to new artists and reward you for doing so. For every successful referral we give you an additional 2.5% of your sticker pack purchase price up to 80%. Referrals are put through the same vetting process that every artist goes through and a referral is considered a success when an artist’s sticker pack is officially listed on the App Store.

Copyright policy

You retain the rights to your illustrations. We have no interest in owning your work. Just about the only thing we don’t allow is selling your illustickers pack as an identical sticker pack elsewhere on the App Store for iMessage. This will get us both kicked off the App Store.

Ready to get started?

Whether you've got half-baked sketches or detailed artwork ready to go, we'll help you hone in on the best idea for a sticker pack.


Stick to our guidelines

Get ideas, find helpful guidelines for creating artwork, and learn what it takes to make successful sticker packs for iMessage.


Still got questions?

Check out our support page to answer any questions you may still have. Feel free to get in touch if you don't find what you're looking for.